FibeAir IP-20A

FibeAir IP-20N, with MEF 2.0 certified carrier ethernet engine as well as advanced TDM service processor engine, enables you to deliver both IP and TDM services. The product is offered with the basic security level package. The product is offered with the basic security package.
The FibeAir IP-20N is a highly flexible aggregation node that delivers large amounts of multi-Gbps radio capacity. Now available with multi-core technology and new radio units, it features high modularity and flexibility. Also, the fact that it works with a large amount of radio carriers, exceptionally wide-ranging line interfaces (within large-scale network topologies with plug-in modules), makes the FibeAir IP-20N the most preferred node.

In addition, the FibeAir IP-20N is designed to support the No SPoF architecture. In this way, the main processor section and all channels and radio interfaces are protected to meet your business goals.

While the FibeAir IP-20N operates in the entire microwave and millimeter wave spectrum, it provides high spectral efficiency in the licensed and license-exempt frequency bands (4-86Ghz). Also high data settings (10GE/1GE/FE), and wide-ranging TDM interfaces (T1, OC-3); It works with multi-core, standard and high-power radios. These include 2x 8+0 and 8x 2+0.

(Not available in North America)