Multi-Gigabit Agile MW Transmission

OmniBAS™ OSDR is the all-outdoor unit of OmniBAS™ microwave (MW) product family, addressing the operator need for cost-effective, all-outdoor Gigabit IP transmission solutions. This unit is based on the unique OSDR (Outdoor Software Defined Radio) platform, which offers state-of-the-art IP connectivity in Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) configurations. Depending on customer-selected software, the OSDR platform operates as an all-outdoor next-generation PtP radio, a PtMP terminal or a PtMP base station / hub, providing at the same time perfect synergy with the newest Intracom Telecom portfolio of products comprising the OmniBAS™, StreetNode™, WiBAS™ and uni|MS™ families.

OmniBAS™ OSDR, representing the PtP realization of OSDR platform, supports market-leading modulations up to 4096-QAM and employs advanced Ethernet and traffic processing functionality to demonstrate exceptional MW radio performance.

Being compatible with OmniBAS™ split-mount (IDU - ODU) links and also being manageable through the same powerful uni|MS™ system, OmniBAS™ OSDR offers unparalleled deployment flexibility for a wide variety of applications such as backhauling of heterogeneous networks (HetNets).

Market-leading modulation (4096-QAM) and radio throughput.
Unique software-defined platform (OSDR) for flexible last-mile MW topologies.
Future-proof all-outdoor Gigabit IP MW solution for advanced MW transmission requirements.
Ideal for 4G+/5G last-mile backhaul and all-outdoor small cells.
Cost-efficient zero-footprint IP transmission for utilities, outside plants and rural communication networks.
Powerful end-to-end service & network management.